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“Nowadays everything around us is Technology-driven”, and you all might feel the same as I feel that as we move towards more and more technology-driven environment our curiosity in the technology around us just keep on increasing and all we want to know is more about it in a simple and straightforward way.

One of the best ways to do that is through YouTube but you will see that the platform has many channels related to technology, So which one will the best for you, No worries

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Technology related YouTube channels in India(May 2020).

Host : Shlok Srivastava

Content Language : Hindi

Undoubtedly one of theย most uniqueย and high-quality content producing tech channels on YouTube in India. Not because of its catchy name, but the engaging way of creating technology videos which not only gives tech information but also makes sure you do not lose your interest throughout the video.

Though there are other channels that have a bigger subscriber base than Tech Burner but because of its one of kind content with honest and quality reviews makes it to the top of our list.ย 

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host : Bharat Nagpal

Content Language : English

IGYAAN is one of the longest-running channels that post tech-related content that focuses on Android, Tips and Tricks, lets game, giveaways, build videos,ย IOS, Unboxing Video, Reviews, and Hands-On Videos of the latest Mobile phones and other gadgets, and personally he is my favorite, apart from this he also runs a very successful tech blog:ย ย

What makesย IGYAANย so high on our list despite having a smaller subscriber base on YouTube than others on the list, is because his exactly to the point content and his exceptional knowledge in Tech which he uses to explain it in a very simple detailed way and worth mentioning his extremelyย high-resolutionย videos.

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host : Gaurav Chaudhary

Content Language : Hindi

Technicalย Gurujiย is one of the most successful and subscribed YouTube Tech channels in India with over 16 million subscribers, With content related to Tech reviews, Unboxing videos, Tech updates,ย and hands-on experience, and much more, Technicalย Gurujiย is undoubtedly the trendsetter of Tech related content on YouTube India.

What makes Technicalย Gurujiย so successful is his ability to gather Indian masses as his videos are in Hindi and are very easy to understand even for people who are not tech-savvy.

Another thing that adds to his success is his frequency of uploading content and he usually uploads 2 videos per day.

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host : Arun prabhudesai

Content Language : Hindi

Trakinย Techย is among the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India and has massive 4.13 million-plus subscriber base which he gained in no time andย to beย honest, I was not aware of him until last year but, when I saw his content I was really impressed by his content which was covering almost every latest Tech related newsย and story.

From mobile reviews to gadgets reviews with Tech news, Unboxing videos, hands-on experience, is channel provides you with almost every tech-related story.

One of the best things about his content his that he always puts his thoughts before the viewers about the gadget he is reviewing or any Tech news or story he is posting.

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host :ย Ranjit Kumarย 

Content Language : English

Geekyย Ranjitย is among those Indianย YouTube’sย whoย have been givingย Smartphone reviews, tech news, latest Technology updates, unboxing, hands-on experience, andย much more for a very long time and still in 2020 is pretty much relevant.

He produces content that has a very smooth way of explaining the detailed technicality of the Technology he is reviewing and worth mentioning that his knowledge in Technology is at the peak.

If youย are interestedย in theย deep analysis of the Technology related stuff this is a channel to look out for.

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host : Media Companyย 

Content Language : English

Though the subscriber count is not even close toย the quality ofย content they produces but, this channel is without a doubt among the best top 10 tech channels in India in 2020.

And I am pretty sure it will be among the top 5 tech channels in India in no time.

Beebomย that covers technology news, laptops reviews, Unboxing of smartphones,hand-on experience,and produce quality tech videos and the best thing about the content is that you will find almost all the major updates and gadgets videos on this channel.

Apart from this they also have this really cool website related to Tech which you can check:ย

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host : Amit Bhawaniย 

Content Language : Hindi

If you are Tech geek you might have come acrossย PhoneRadarย at least once in your life, becauseย ย PhoneRadarย is one of the oldest and the Top-notch Technology blogs in India.

Though his YouTube channel is relatively new than his blogย the quality ofย the content remains the same.

His Smartphone reviews, Hands-on experience, Tech news, and stories are one the most reliable information you will find it on the Internet and if you interested in Smartphones reviews other related information you should definitely check out his website:ย

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host :ย Pravalย Sharma

Content Language : Hindi

This is one the most underrated Tech channel on YouTube in India though his Tech reviews, Unboxing videos, Tech stories and news are one of the most trustworthy and reliable information.

Sharmajiย Technical videos are in Hindi and are perfect for those who are looking to learn and understand the tech inย laymanย terms.

One of the best things about his Chanel is his utter honesty while reviewing any Tech or gadget.

To check out his channel click the image below.

Host : Ruhez Amrelia

Content Language : Hindi

Again one of theย YouTubeย channels in India that breaks the old and common way of reviewing Tech and gives it a very refreshing touch of pun intended Tech reviews.

Techno Ruhezย apart from smartphone reviews, Tech news, and stories also creates Tips and Ticks for gadgets that aย common manย can also relate to and use.

This mixture of Tech with fun which makes it very interesting is not only very informative but also very easy to understand and the viewer does not lose interest throughout.

To check out the channel click the image below:

Host : Manoj Saru

Content Language : Hindi

Youย will be surprisedย to know thatย Technology gyanย is the second most subscribed Tech relatedย YouTubeย channel in India in 2020.

To be honest I was also not aware of him but then I came across I found that his content is very relatable to ourย day-to-dayย lifestyle and is very well suited for 2020.

From tips and tricks to apps and software information with Smartphone reviews, Tech news, and Comparisons you will find everything here and the best thing is that everything you see will be understandable andย can beย used yourself on gadgets.

To check out the channel click the image below:

So here we come to the end of our list. Please feel free to comment down below if you have any suggestions.

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